A name, wines, a passion

Our cellar "la Pleine Lune" was founded in 1888, being the oldest family winery in the Valais.

The vineyard benefits from an exceptional location alongside St-Pierre-de-Clages’ famous church, in the shadow of the octagonal bell tower.

Today, it is managed by Christian Crittin, 5th generation. We cultivate 21 different grape varieties on our 7 hectares estate. 

Christian Crittin
  • Founder
Anne-Lise Crittin
  • Administration & sales
Marc Crittin
  • Viticulture and oenology
    (in formation)
Carlos Queiros
  • Winemaker

Our philosophy

Being an independent winegrower is all about know-how.

There is the work in the vineyard, the harvest, the crucial stage of vinification and the essential direct contact with our customers.

For over a hundred years, our philosophy has been to offer our customers an exceptional high quality product that respects the environment. 

Our history

Year after year, a wine is the reflection of a terroir but also of the person who works it...

Our story began in1888 when Joseph,  a notary by education, acquired this magnificent residence in the heart of the village  and conceived a first press.

With passion for wine, he carried out the long tradition passing it along to his son, Joseph Junior. Who not only took over the business butalso significantly expanded the domain. 

The two world wars following ended with great depression leading to poverty-stricken times. 

Oswald, the founder's grandson, proudly held the reins of the company despite these turbulent times. 

In 1969, the business was passed on to his son Roby. 

The year marked man's first steps on the moon. Roby discovered a magnificent moon-shaped stone, which gave him the idea to name the wine cellar "la Pleine Lune” (the full moon).

Hundred years later, in 1988, the 5th generation pick up the torch. After his wine and oenology studies, Christian took over the business with his wife Anne-Lise.

With great perseverance and dynamism, he gradually transformed the vines and adapted them to modern times. New grape varieties were cultivated such as white and reds, Petite Arvine, Humagne, Syrah and Merlot. 

The future? It's already here! Marc Crittin works in the cellar and  shares his passion every day which has been passed on through generations. 

They are proud to carry on the craft of their ancestors.

Our cellar

Like a precious stone set in a rock setting, Chamoson stands out with its mineral environment: a unique landscape for a unique terroir. 90% of the vineyard is located on an alluvium cone.

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate of central Valais, our vines benefit from exceptional exposure of more than 2,500 hours of sunshine per year. 

With a surface of seven hectares, our domain is located on 43 plots.

We cultivate 21 different grape varieties. 

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